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Bulk spring water supplier
Cotswold Spring Water specialises in the supply and delivery of bulk spring water via our fleet of dedicated bulk drinking water tankers

Spring Water Source

Our spring water is sourced from a borehole in the Cotswold area of outstanding natural beauty from a protected underground aquifer.

Spring Water is filtered through the Oolitic Limestone of the Cotswold Hills and contains all the natural mineral traces that give genuinely unique taste characteristics. It is high in Calcium and low in Sodium making it an ideal component of a healthy lifestyle.

We are able to abstract up to 73 millions litres of spring water per year.

Typical Analysis (mg/l)
Calcium 133
Magnesium 7
Potassium 2
Sodium 9
Chloride 23
Sulphate 84
Nitrate 1.7
Ph 7.2

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